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Enter Sverige Pro (a non-UCITS fund) has, unlike from Enter Sverige, a fee structure with a fixed fee and a performance fee. Initial investment amount is 1 million SEK. Enter Sverige identifies and invests in companies with potential to grow. The fund invests mainly in Swedish equities. Total investments in the fund are approx. 20-25 shares.

The fund in brief

Type of fund: Swedish non-UCITS fund
Benchmark: SIXPRX (SIX Portfolio Return)
Minimum initial subscription: 1 000 000 SEK.
Management fee: Management fee 0,5% (fixed fee) per year to the fund company + maximum 0,10% (actual outcome for 2018 0,52%) for other expenses such as depositary fees, fees to the regulatory authority for supervision and fees to auditor. No subscription or redemption fees. In addition there is a performance fee equal to 25% of the fund’s return exceeding the return of the benchmark index.
Fund manager: Jon Hyltner and Sten Lindquist
Risk: The risk expressed as standard deviation (36 months) is 12,11% (2018-12-31).
The fund’s inception date: 1999-11-30
ISIN: SE0000813925
Subscription and redemption: Daily on banking days.

Please find below NAV for the fund on daily, monthly and yearly basis as well as since start.


Jon Hyltner, fund manager

Sten Lindquist, fund manager

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